on#Flower, 1920x1080HD.moving image, 2mins58sec, 2020

Constant Conjunction#Flower, 1920x1080HD.moving image, 5mins26sec, 2020


Energy Flowotography, 2020

Every summertime when I walk in a park, plants are shining under the sunlight. Sometimes it is too bright to see it clearly on the first glimpse. I have the sense that I could see the luminous flow in the air, and that elongated the outline of plants.

Looking at the plants through the camera, they became the abstract color flow through the exposure time. Sometimes I feel that human eyes are too quick focusing to feel the energy given by time, and the camera could help us to feel. Time could be visible. It depends on how we look at it.

“Energy Flow” takes summer plants as the subject and constructs a linear color world through long exposure shooting techniques. The exposure time interacts with color, and the work attempts to reflect the life energy in the linear view of time.


2min41sec, 2020

video still:

She Reads Police Reports In Different Voices, film, 1080x1920HD, 2min29sec, 2019 

film still:

Based on the observation of the behavior of family members, the movie describes the emotional relationship between the daughter and her mother. Like the girl’s diary, it records her repetitive and tense life. Also, like a self-portrait, it takes down how the girl tries to find a way out in her life. The ‘She Reads Police Reports In Different Voices’ project explores the unique emotional role of the Oedipus Complex in Asian families.

installation view:

The hand made of textile is related to the girl's hand in the movie and expresses a soft touch.

Movies and photos are connected by red textile threads. These threads are like blood vessels in bodies, like blood ties in families, and also like "secretions" of these photos.

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Constant Conjunction#Rain, 1080x1920 HD video, 11min54sec, 2020

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