She Reads Police Reports In Different Voices, film, 1080x1920HD, 2min29sec, 2019 

film still:

Based on the observation of the behavior of family members, the movie describes the emotional relationship between the daughter and her mother. Like the girl’s diary, it records her repetitive and tense life. Also, like a self-portrait, it takes down how the girl tries to find a way out in her life. The ‘She Reads Police Reports In Different Voices’ project explores the unique emotional role of the Oedipus Complex in Asian families.

基于对家庭成员行为的观察,电影描述了女儿与母亲之间的情感关系。电影像这个女孩的日记,记录着她重复且紧张的生活。电影又像是每一个为生活寻找出口者的自画像。‘She Reads Police Reports In Different Voices’ 电影试图探索在俄狄浦斯情结在东方家庭中的特殊情感角色。

film poster:

installation view:

installation details:

The hand made of textile is related to the girl's hand in the movie and expresses a soft touch.

Movies and photos are connected by red textile threads. These threads are like blood vessels in bodies, like blood ties in families, and also like "secretions" of these photos.

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