Born 1995, China.
Based in London and Beijing.


Lunhua Kong (b. 1995) is an artist working and living in London and Beijing. She received BFA from the China Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2014. Lunhua studied photography at Royal College of Art 2018-2020, where she found the way to express and communicate using photography and moving images. Her photography LUNCH HOUR and moving CONSTANT CONJUNCTION #RAIN were selected by China Design Center as "New Horizon 2020". Kong’s photography ENERGY FLOW#1 was collected by Sichuan Fine Arts Society, China.
Her work seeks to manipulate and expand the narrative potentials of photography and video installation, interrogating the gap between concepts and images through holistic audience communication. Kong’s projects pay attention to the way that unique and hidden emotions inhabit clandestine spaces within contemporary culture. In particular, they examine the position of Asian females against a cultural background shaped by the revival of Confucian culture.
Presented in various media forms, Lunhua Kong's recent project 'Constant Conjunction' is an ongoing project that will continue in the near future. It discusses women as the "watched" role in the tea ceremony and reflections on contemporary Zen culture.


2018-2020 Royal college of Art, UK. 2014-2018 Sichuan Fina Art Institute, CN.

Selected Exihibitions:

2021, Postwave Art Festival, Enjoy-Art Museum, Beijing, CN
2021, Relay/Lucky 13online,
2020, New Horizon 2020,The Coast Gallery, ZhuHai,CN
2020, Intermission, Issuing Gallery,Shenzhen,CN 2020, Life, Changting Gallery,Tokyo,JP 
2020, with fists, it kicks, it bites,TheNetGallery, London,UK
2020, Sadgrads2020,Groock’s Gallery,UK2020, Mushroom in the dark, Dulwich Constitutional Club,London, UK 2020, After Intermission:Where Are We Heading, IFS, Chengdu,CN 2020, Brieze, SituationistRCA, London, UK 2020, with fists, it kicks, it bites, TJBoulting, London, UK
2020, RCA2020,Royal College of Art UK
2019, How to go time traveling to the past, Dyson building, London,UK
2019, Wipshow, Royal College of Art,London, UK
2018, 2018Degree show, Luo Zhongli Museum,CN
2018, Steady scripture, Huxi Gallery, CN
2017, like water, Luo Zhongli Museum,CN
2017, Mingyue International Pottery Village, CN
2015, Bamboo, Huxi Gallery, CN


2020, Still point Journal,Published on 7th September,UK
2020, Source Magazine, UK
2020, fall into space, UK
2017, Handicraft, issue 142, CN


2020, ‘Constant Conjunction#Rain’, RCA2020, Twith Live, 28th July