(The video is the recording of the video installation combined with the moving image work.)
Constant Conjunction III
mixed Media, video installation

The project creates a dreamlike imagination space and establishes a world parallel to reality. It is like a secret that belongs to tea and flowers: What roles can they play after getting rid of the fixed patterns in the Ikebana and cha-no-you styles?


installation views:

“The flowers in the tea-ceremony are pressed into battle: Some flowers glory in death - certainly the Japanese cherry blossoms do, as they freely surrender themselves to the winds,” said by Okakura.

The shadow of flowers is like a second spirit of people, swaying on the curtain with ink wash painting.

花影像参与到茶仪式中的人的第二个灵魂,摇曳在画着ink wash painting的纱帘上。

The ‘secondary dyeing’ changes the original appearance of these two photos and establishes a ‘space of difference.’ It creates a ‘gap’ between real images and cognition in the tea ceremony. Behind the performance of the tea ceremony is the relationship between ‘observing’ and ‘being observed.’


studio process:


(video testing)